Our Story

"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do"

- Michael Scott

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Set The Scene

It's summer 2020 and the talking heads have no clue what's going on. Everything's getting politicized. At this point, you're either working from home and insulated from the stress of seeing people – or you're directly affected by you-know-what. Unfortunately, a lot of us are out of work. Somehow its your fault if you can't pay rent. Also, at the exact same time, somehow you're a monster if you ask your tenant for rent. Too bad that mortgage wasn't canceled.

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We Could Do This...

One of the founders was in the thick of it. Working in the Emergency Department of a hospital – let's just say she was more worried about the simple things in life. Helping someone breathe. Helping someone see their family. You know, the important things in life.

The other founder, well he was working from home. Helping design engine parts and trying to figure out rocket propulsion systems. Just wanted to make sure these huge expensive things didn't blow up. That's when he realized – we could help.

Between us, we've worked in almost every state. Designed, developed, manufactured, tested, blah blah blah. You know the thing. What you may not know, is that not all professionals are created equally.

Have you ever had to turn away a homeless person from the hospital during a snow storm, so you could make room for a gunshot victim? Have you ever used electronic warfare algorithms to save some special forces about to be ambushed in the sandbox? We're high on the emotional intelligence scale, and when it comes to people skills, we're not afraid to flex.

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People Are Gonna People

Sigmund Freud or Abraham Maslow? Don't know them? Well, basically these dudes created some pretty interesting models to explain people. Our resident Rocket Engineer is obsessed with these giants, trust us, its great news for you.

Freud thought the mind was divided into three parts: Id, Ego, and Superego. These drive our impulses, decision making and guides our sense of morality. Don't worry, we won't go into any more detail. Just want you to know that your Ego probably gave into your aggressive or destructive drive the past year.

Maslow studied the greats. Einstein, Lincoln, MLK and Gandhi. Discovered that all successful people self-actualize and that happens once we each progress through our Hierarchy of Needs.

Why does this matter? Well, no one's going to pay rent when they can't get food for themselves. Right?

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The Problem

Is this a people, product, or process issue? Enter us.

We did an Engineering Analysis. We did Empathy Mapping. Looked at Property Management through the lens of the User Experience Process. We realized you could have it soooo much better.

It's a little bit of everything. Managing your property takes a skill. Managing the people that live in it takes another.

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We're Not Traditional

So where do we come in? We thrive under pressure. We love challenges. We want you to think of Property Management as an experience.

Like any other investment, it all depends on how much risk you want to take. What if your lease was set up to execute options in the event that your tenant couldn't pay rent? Have a temperature controlled garage or gated backyard? Could've leased that as storage space during the eviction moratoriums.

Do you rent out your entire house? Thought about renting out by rooms? Airbnb and temporary housing contracts could've helped recoup some costs. Also motivates your tenant to pay in full to get their full privacy back. Just saying.

We're the kind of property manager that would sign a new tenant over a bottle of wine. Gift them a house plant. Show them where the main water break was. We'd also monitor air quality levels and send them a text if the ozone wasn't doing so great. Why? Because its who we are!

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, until its time to do entrepreneur things.

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Our Team

You might see a cliff, but we see a way to fly.

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Founder and CEO

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Customer Guru

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Our Mission

Our mission is plain and simple. Provide a refreshing service that leaves you excited about this relationship. Lets draft some alternative leases so you don't get stuck in another 2020 situation ever again. Lets build your network of resources and help you feel great about your rental property. Lets cause a ruckus together.

Get in pal. We're going to the moon.