Property Management

The Oklahoma City Metro's Trend

Oklahoma City Skyline Picture

10th Fastest Growing Metro in the Nation

  • 1.5M+ Metro Area
  • 2M expected by 2040
  • Diverse Demographics
  • Diverse Job Market
  • 41% of Population is Between 20-49!
  • 2.5% YoY Job Growth (2020)
Uptown Picture

Strong Rental Market

  • Rents Increase 2% YoY
  • Affordability Index #1/10! Most Affordable City in the Nation
  • Low Utility Rates
  • Median Household Income Above $42K/yr
  • Supply Depletion from COVID Era Damand
  • Coastal Migration Benefactor

Our Model

Property Management As A Service


Property Management as a Service. If you know, you know.

This is based entirely on being able to provide tiered services for our clients over the internet of things. There are so many online networks, groups, apps – it’s even easier to fulfill your property’s needs quicker by finding the right person for the right job. We’ll quickly fulfil Accounting, Leasing, Inspections, Repairs, Maintenance and any Financial services.

Don’t like the virtual approach? It's okay! We have some great recommendations for great family ran PM options in the area. Trust me, we're all about the user experience. We're not here to flex, we're here to help.

What kind of homeowner are you?

Everyone has different priorities! We've worked with a handful of owners who have a wide range of needs, kind of what inspired this vision. See if you fall into one of these groups

If you can relate...we might be your people!

Wait, this sounds like my current PM?

Meh, depends. You see, most PM's run a tight ship. Stability and W-2 employees require a lot of overhead. They front load the work to make sure they place the lowest-risk tenant into your property. This is awesome for them and you, they're able to maximize profit and keep you happy as a customer. Now, it ultimately comes down to your risk tolerance and how close your house is to a desirable hot spot. Go to the Southside, you'll notice PM's ruthlessly placing multiple families into barely habitable homes. If you're in Uptown or Nichols Hills, your PM isn't having too hard of a time finding a good tenant. However, if you have a property in a unique zip code - you may benefit from a mix of traditional and alternative lease options.

You sound cooler, but same fees?

We're not for everyone. We'll let you know during the initial consult, we'll show you our competitive fee structure too. Trust me, if The Greeks point positive, We're All In.

Sure, I'll hear you out. What can I get?

Tendies: A-la-carte

Leasing Agreements
Centralized Utility Accounts
Payment Portals
Neighborhood Alerts
Property Rennovations
Tenant Vetting
Routine Maintenance

Our Tier Packages:

If you aren't having fun with your business, what's the point?

Paper Hands

  • 1-3 Tendies

The Portnoy

  • 3-6 Tendies

Diamond Hands

  • You're All-In