Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing


Disrupting the Status Quo

Just a Doctor and an Engineer
Solemnly Up to No Good

Full Service Property Management

Check out our services page. Offering tiered services in the metro area. From finding you a tenant to keeping your accounting in order for the dreadful tax season, we're here.

Start-Up Culture

We're highly self driven and love our team. We're an agile development team, with a high engagement rate. Think of us like a core Scrum Team - turned Property Management.

Customer Satisfaction vs Competitor Domination

Your current PM is trying to maximize profit while reducing overhead. It's that simple. Some clients want the biggest bang for their buck. But sometimes, you know profit takes a backseat while you dominate the neighborhood.

The Founders

Founder 1

The Rocket Engineer

Veteran. ESTP. Energetic and perceptive, enjoys living on the edge. Did some cool stuff with those alphabet agencies, got to launch some rockets, can calculate orbit trajectories and loves DIY.

Founder 2

The Emergency Physician

Medical Hero. ISTP. Flexible and charming, always ready to explore new experiences. Saved countless lives during COVID in a Level 1 Trauma Center, designer and loves pub snacks.